May 5-7, 2017

Boom Town presents:  

The Fifth Annual United We Roll Alaskan Roller Derby Tournament here in Wasilla! 

What is United We Roll?

Alaskan Teams will go head to head in tournament play that spans 2 days.

  • 4 Exhibitions games:

    • CO-ED, Fresh Meat, Juniors intermediate and Juniors advanced

  • Boot Camp for adults and juniors with Miss Tea Maven of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby All-Stars!



The Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center

1001 S. Clapp Dr. 

Wasilla, AK

Timeline and Game Bracket

Meet the Trainer!

Miss Tea Maven is a WFTDA World Champion jammer for the Gotham Girl All Stars. 


Maven started her skating career in 2012, with very little experience with skating.  After being cut from Gotham Girl Tryouts on the very first day in '12, she tried out for the Long Island Roller Rebels, and slowly worked her way to the LIRR charter team within 1 year.  In 2013, she tried out for GGRD again and made it, landing a spot on her home team the Brooklyn Bombshells, and the Wall Street Traitors Travel team.  Maven has been skating for the Gotham Girl All-Stars since 2014.

Off the track, Miss Tea Maven greatly enjoys baking sweet treats for her teammates, drinking copious amounts of tea, traveling around the world, eating at new restaurants, and exercising - she has to work off all those baked goods somehow! 

As a coach, Maven prides herself on giving individual one on one feedback and changing coaching lessons and styles to fit every skater.  

"No one learns the same way! I can't teach every league, every skater, the same drill using the same coaching techniques.  Everyone responds and learns at different rates - so it's my job as a coach to learn how you learn, so you make the most out of every possible training season.  Plus, this way, coaching is always new and exciting for me!"


Attention, Participants! Be a rock star and stay ahead of the game by downloading the registration information ahead of time!

Bring the fully completed documents to the first day of the tournament and just check-in. Skip the registration line and just sign on the dotted line! 

Registration Packet

Brown Paper Ticket registration is OPEN for all categories!

Look here for more information and on the United We Roll Tournament Facebook Group for updates!

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