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Boom Town T-Shirt Fundraiser!

Boom Town Bonfire T-Shirt Fundraiser!

Boom Town is hoping to travel from Alaska down to the lower 48 this year to try and gain world ranking at a tournament. Flights from Alaska aren't cheap, and then adding tournament fees and all that good stuff to the list really makes it hard for us to travel.

There are only 3 ranked World Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) teams in all of Alaska (5 member leagues), and they are across the board and insanely spread out: 

  • Rage City Rollergirls in Anchorage is ranked 62.
  • Fairbanks Rollergirls, 360 miles away in the interior, is ranked 287.
  • Sitka Rollergirls, the third WFTDA ranked team in Alaska is on an island close to Juneau (590 miles from Anchorage by air only), and is ranked 139.

To give you perspective on travel distance, one of the closest U.S. leagues is in Seattle, Washington. That is over 2000 miles away from Anchorage! (Falkor, where are you when we need you?)

So, that brings us to Boom Town. We are currently unranked and wish to change that. Not only do we want in on the competitive side of the WFTDA, but it will bring the entirety of Alaska to a higher appeal for others to travel here, and increase our own skill level by playing someone outside of the state.

Please take a moment to click the link to our little shirt fundraiser in the hopes to knock out tournament fees (and if we sell enough, hopefully some of our airfare). Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully buy a new scrimmage shirt, a birthday present for a derby buddy or treat yo'self!

"If you think 2 minutes is short, you've never played Roller Derby"

Later Event: September 30
Recruitment Night!