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Karaoke Halftime!

We are in search of 3 singers to participate in our First Karaoke Halftime Event with Music and Memories by GaryMac!

The winner will receive 2 free tickets to the Dec. 12th bout!

How to enter:

  • Must be at the Menard Sports Center in Wasilla on Nov. 14th at 6pm. 

  • Post in this event "I want to sing Karaoke Suicide!" and share to get likes. 

  • Nov 11th the singers with the most likes will be notified via FB message. 

  • Participants will receive free entry in the bout.

Rules for Karaoke Suicide:

  • There will be 25 of the most popular karaoke songs to choose from. 
  • You will pick a song out of the hat and hand it to the DJ. 
  • The DJ will input and start the song" that is when you will find out what song it is!
  • All participants are asked to PLEASE attempt to sing the song drawn. 
  • There will be a mix of male and female songs, but you sing whatever you pick, whether it's a male song or a female song. 
  • The winner will be decided by audience cheer! So bring all your loudest fans!!