Athena Latina


Jammer, Blocker, Pivot, Bench Coach, Trainer

Fun Fact: 

I’m a Puerto Rican that lives in Alaska. You can usually tell when Summer has arrived because I have finally hung up my snow pants. 50 degrees is still way too cold for me.

Why do you play for Boom Town? 

My cousin was the one that pointed me in the direction of roller derby. We played soccer together in school and she knew that the spirit of competition and teamwork would appeal to me. Little did I know how right she was. I protested for months, until I went to cheer for her and her team in their first game. I instantly fell in love with roller derby. I play for Boom Town with no rose-colored glasses: We are strong women with strong opinions and strong hearts. We want to win, but not just at an individual level. I’ve never seen a team sport so dependent on the ability to work together and through my individual efforts, I can elevate not just myself, but the entire team, to victory.
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